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Programs Overview

Anchor House strives to meet our clients where they are and help them get where they need to be. We work with young people between the ages of 12 and 24 across our programs providing crisis intervention, case management, shelter, counseling and basic necessities needed to survive and thrive.

How we make a difference


Our Safe Housing programs provide a safe haven and housing assistance for youth and young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Programs include our Youth Emergency Shelter, Transitional and Apartment Living and assistance with securing housing and other essential and supportive services. Programs address our clients’ immediate needs while helping to prepare youth for productive and independent lives.

Housing based programs


Our Street Outreach efforts are at the forefront of Mercer County’s youth homelessness prevention efforts. We offer a comprehensive coordinated system of care working directly with youth to help meet basic needs, improve well-being and self-sufficiency. Our staff patrols high risk areas in Trenton/Mercer County and we operate two Youth Drop In Centers in Trenton. We offer a link to a range of services at Anchor House and throughout the community.

Outreach based programs

Our Counseling Services provide compassionate care to improve life skills and encourage everyday functioning. Mental health prevention and intervention services are based on a positive youth development model in a trauma care informed environment. We also offer substance abuse prevention and refer youth to other services in the community as needed for additional services.

Counseling based programs

Our Life Skills and Educational Assistance program provides positive life skills development and educational assistance and preparation. We work directly with youth on site and in area schools to help improve social and emotional development and academic achievement. We also provide supportive life skills across all programs with the goal of greater self-sufficiency.

Life Skills & Education Based Programs

Our Youth Advisory Council program provides an opportunity for youth to develop their voice through civic involvement and service. Youth develop leadership and advocacy skills by volunteering in the community and participate in local and national efforts to help prevent homelessness. Youth also have a seat at the table in developing Anchor House programs and services.

Youth Leadership Development Based Programs

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